Tuesday, June 4, 2013

From Marc Jacobs to Prada with Love

I heard that Miuccia Prada dislikes Marc Jacobs. After seeing a few designs of Marc recently, i can understand why. This is not the first time when you have the deja vu feeling when seeing MJ's collections. To me, both Prada and MJ are not my favourite designers. I just can't understand why MJ "loves" Miuccia's designs that much and why people keeps calling him a genious designer.

Miu Miu's fur coat+Prada's fur boa=MJ's fur coat

But there is a NewYorker designer that i really like her resort collection. I love the way Donna Karan made a gorgeous and sexy collection but still cohesive. It sounds silly but she knows woman's body very well. Her masterful draping technique and the smart fabric choice create a woman that could be the reason why God made her.

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