Thursday, October 25, 2012

Class or Swag-Which one do you prefer?

Admit it! Men don't have many choices in clothes like womens therefore It's easy and tough as the same time for men to choose what to wear. So here two simple steps that would be helpful, i think.

First step, identifing who you are, a Boy or a Gentleman.

Second: In this entry i want to talk about Gentlemen so let's discuss what a gentleman should not choose.

Studs, Studs everywhere!

You're a mature man, not a warrior of the crusades, or a Chinese door, so why have to implant studs from head to toe?

Accessories lover

Like women, men need accessories, but what are they? pair of cuff links, any kind of tie, a watch or a ring a leather wallet, and pair of shoes, of course! That's all. Don't waste your time on choosing and putting bangles, rings on every fingers, necklace, handclutch... Remember, Less is more.

Bright and tight

C'mon guys! Are you gonna join a Korean boyband? i agree that bright and fresh colored pants are not a bad idea for men, but hot pink, neon yellow tight pants? how about no?

One more thing, Those pants looks worst on most of Asian males bodies, accept it. But unfortunately, they don't notice it.

Baroque addict

Is it trendy? Yes, but it's been a looooong time when Gianni Versace was a King. And once again, Less is more even when Donatella successfully brought it back to the present.

Those things upon may be the hottest trends out there, and some look very stunning! But once you are( or you choose to become) a gentleman, you don't fit those style anymore. Just picture what would happen when your boss see you come to the office in a black studded leather jacket with a skinny red hot pants and many bling bling things on your body, i guess that would be a sad day.

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