Saturday, September 8, 2012

Spotted! Alexander Wang spring 2013

This is the first time i feel excited with Alexander Wang. The garments was not bad. I found the interesting in the way he made it simple, but clean with the mix of fabric and leather. The finale when 7 models came out, then standed still, lights went down, and the clothes shone. This kind of trick is not so new, cause i saw a Japanese designer shown it seasons ago. Otherwise, the strong and energetic music made the show, when the models walk very fast, edgy expression brought me the feeling of some kind of futuristic warriors.

However, there were something quite familiar. I found a little bit of Givenchy, when he mixed t-shirts, sweaters with skirts, and short trousers( i'm talking about the length), which made with leather and sheer, and a cap, even the hairstyle.

But it's not over. The shapes, the techniques and the accesories are absolutely the same with spring 2011 collection of Tufi Duek. This kind of shoes is not very mainstream, so i have a negative thought this case :D

 Stay tune! this season's gonna be a good good season!

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