Monday, May 13, 2013

Alexander McQueen vs Himself

A designer reuses another's idea is such an odinary story nowaday. But how about he reuses his own idea? that would be interesting. Jean Paul Gaultier is famous for it. He recycles his garments of his old couture collections, brings them back to life again.

How about Alexander McQueen? Everyone in fashion world worships him because of his endless imagination. But let's flashback the time when he worked for Givenchy. I'd never thought that Givenchy had a tough time like that. They had the wow factor that made the costumers in the past really shock. I'm so sure that even if they were shown on the runway these year will make them have the same reaction.

He did reuse some of his ideas when he worked for Givenchy. I think this is definitely legal because he just had that right to do with his stuffs. Moreover, they were too "McQueen" when it supposed to be "Givenchy".

Givenchy 1997 = McQueen fall 2006 + spring 2010

Givenchy 1999 vs McQueen fall 2010

Givenchy 1998 vs McQueen spring 2007

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