Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ave Maria Carla

Spring 2013 is coming, therefore you should brace yourself, a huge wave of ad campaigns is approaching. One of the first brands which shown its ad campaign recently, Givenchy gave an amazing impression. As you know, spring summer 2013 theme of both menswear and womenswear is Catholic. With the wonderful color palette that Tisci shown us in a few months ago, i thought the ad campaign would be shot in color. But Black and White is what we have so far.

The first shot was kinda boring. But then, another shot unveiled which featured Maria Carla Boscono-The Tisci's Muse was so spectacular! She held her daughter, Marialucas, just like the picture Ave Maria upon. Coincidently, the model is Maria Carla, and she held her child, so what can you say? Amazing!

As Tisci said, the ad campaign of this season is about family and friends, so the entire models would be Tisci friends( Kate Moss, Marina Abramovic, Jose Maria Manzanares, Jared Buckhiester and Francisco Peralta, all new here). And how about family? I don't think he would invite any member of his family, but we already had a family here! "Ave" Maria Carla Boscono and her child! Welcome to the Gang, baby!

For the picture, i think Tisci used it in some shirts in menswear collection, but darker.

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